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Glued Up Report


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The shocking truth about the 'silo problem'
impacting customer experience and how to fix it. 

In the wake of the pandemic, the winners will
those companies that can ‘Glue Up to
Clue Up’.

We spoke to over 200 CMOs, Customer Experience
leaders, CIOs and Chief Digital Officers across various
sectors to uncover insights about the challenges of cross
functional teams
working better together.

What's inside?


The Glued Up report highlights the real problem of a lack of cohesion between internal teams, and the challenge of
breaking down internal barriers to
create the customer journeys
and experiences to accelerate growth.

In this report you will find:

      • Latest key stats on CX The latest insights from over 200 CX specialists

      • CX leader opinions Case studies and opinions by top CX experts from global brands including Deliveroo and TSB

      • Practical tips Solutions on how to 'Glue Up' your internal teams

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